Meet our team.

Janne Asikainen

CEO/Innovation Director

Janne is the Co-founder of the company and a hybrid creative combining Packaging Design and Food Technology disciplines.

Ben Holden

Marketing Consultant

Ben is a Marketing Specialist with over eight years experience working with SMEs and Startups in the UK and Europe.

Riikka Mölkänen

On Maternity Leave

Riikka is an International Business Communications specialist with several years of experience in Retail, Marketing and Customer Service.

Pasi Toppi


Pasi is the Co-founder of the company. His previous roles include Key Account Management, Packaging Auditing and Procurement.

Jukka Halttunen


Markus Myhrberg


Mikael Tuompo


Our goal is to make serving takeaway sustainable for the urbanising world.

PROFESSIONAL team focused on sustainable and smarter packaginG

Together our team has over 30 years of experience in packaging industry from the packaging factory floor level up. Previously the team has worked on packaging design projects for international food brands and in packaging auditing and procurement across Europe and Asia. 

More than a packaging design agency, our team´s experience is complemented by years of work in catering and retail business.